GRISLY is an EDM DJ/Producer based out of Jacksonville, FL. He likes to incorporate heavy elements to his sets to provide a great quality show for fans who enjoy head banging. While he enjoys heavy dubstep, he also likes to mix future bass songs that give fans the perfect emotional ride.


Song List

  • Skylight (Intro) - Grisly
  • Chaotic! - Grisly
  • Wait For You (feat. Alexei Lana) - Grisly
  • Going Down (feat. Projects to Mansions) - Grisly
  • Break Your Neck - Grisly
  • End All Life - Grisly
  • Grisly Crimes Vol. 1 - Mix (Available on Soundcloud)
  • BMTH - Drown (Grisly Remix)
  • Chasing Dreams - Grisly
  • Drifting Away - Scafetta X Grisly
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