GRISLY is an EDM DJ/Producer/Vocalist based out of Jacksonville, FL. His sound involves mixing metal with dubstep, hard trap, DnB & Bass House. His live sets are extremely energetic and powerful, making audiences turn into fans easily. His involvement with the crowd is constant and keeps up the same energy from start to finish. GRISLY wears his mask for really heavy headliner sets and mask off for smaller shows. GRISLY has worked on many collaborations with artists such as Scafetta, Milano The Don, Ronan, Festivillainz, Ridley Slim, Wheysted, Stvnk Fvce and many others. Some of his past events have included support and direct support for artists like Phaseone, Barely Alive, Ghengar, Riot Ten, Reaper, Pixel Terror and others. GRISLY usually does self releases but he has released on labels like High Caliber Records, Bass Cvlt and Emengy Records.


Song List


  • Monster
  • Unholy Remix (Grimmire x Mr. Fink x Grisly)
  • Train Wreck
  • T.K.O
  • The End - FestiVillainz x Scafetta x Grisly
  • Your Fight - Ridley Slim x Grisly
  • Death Awaits
  • I Like It - Grisly x AK Renny
  • Ball So Hard - Komplvint x Grisly
  • Omertà - Omertà EP
  • Thing of Ours (Ft. Milano The Don) - Omertà EP
  • Snitch - Omertà EP
  • My Block - Omertà EP
  • Rage - All for Nothing EP
  • Deathbang - All for Nothing EP
  • All for Nothing - All for Nothing EP
  • NastySauce - Scafetta x Grisly
  • IPrevail - Bow Down (Grisly Remix)
  • Riot Ten - Mawlee (Grisly Remix)
  • Burn it Down 
  • Headbangers Mosh-pit (Mix on Soundcloud)
  • BMTH - Drown (Grisly Remix) 
  • Back 2 U
  • Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide (Grisly Remix)
  • Drifting Away - Scafetta X Grisly
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